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The Four Different Types of License


If you want to publish and license your expertise it's important to know about the four types of license you can offer your licensees.   Being aware of what they are and the different rights they allow will help you to make an informed decision on what type of license to choose.   The four types of license for information products are...

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How to Find and Assess Potential Licensees

How to Assess Potential Licensees

​There are several ways to find a licensing partner but it makes sense to approach who you know within your industry first.   If they are in a different geographic area they won't be competing with you.   Also consider others in a complementary industry who could be good potential licensees.   Here are a few simple ways to find  businesses who could be a good fit to license your product...

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Build Your Business Fast Through Licensing

Fast Growth Business

​A lot of small tech companies grow their business with the sole intention of selling out or licensing to larger companies, like Google, facebook and Twitter.   These giants and many other tech companies buy the intellectual property owned by  smaller companies to add and  enhance what they already offer.   This makes absolute sense.   Why re-invent  (IP) if it's already been created?   Service professionals  can use the same principle by ...

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Are You Missing Out on Licensing Opportunities?

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Intellectual property and licensing are all around your business, regardless of its size.   Each time you use software on your computer, add content to the company website or use company procedures you are using a license or creating intellectual property.  IP is intangible but it’s important to recognise it for 3 main reasons...

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