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20 Ways to Add REAL Value to Your Information

Adding REAL Value

​With information products,  there is a mistaken belief that increased volume equates to increased value.     There are numerous examples of this  where dozens of free eBooks are bundled up for bonuses or in exchange for an opt-in.    This  is utterly pointless!   If your bonus product or package doesn't add genuine value to your main offer, you're wasting your time.     In order to make the product created from your IP more desirable you need to...

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License Your Expertise Through Publishing

Publish Your Knowledge

As service professionals and freelancers we  face the age old problem of uneven income.   Income is restricted because we are selling time and are directly involved in serving clients and trying to find new ones. As a consequence, there is very little time left to do anything else!   This can mean irregular income, some months are good and some not so good.   Online publishing is one way to combat this to create additional income streams but there are others including... 

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