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​You have valuable knowledge and expertise that other non competing professionals would like to benefit from.  Use this guide to reveal 50 potential licensing opportunities.

About the Company

Licensing digital assets like training courses, business systems and bespoke software can provide on-going revenue.  Professionals and authors can take advantage of this huge potential by licensing products created from their own IP.  Explore the profit potential of publishing and licensing what you already know. is part of Publish Marketing Ltd who provide publishing  and information marketing services.

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Do you have licensing opportunties

If you own the rights to any of these they could be earning you valuable licensing revenue.

  • Books and courses
  • Bespoke Software or Source Code
  • ​Proven Operational Systems
  • Workshops and training programs
  • Proven Marketing Campaigns
  • Legal Forms or Contracts
  • Supplier or resource databases
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Product Rights or Agreements

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